Ghost Stories – scary but not too scary

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Four chilling ghost stories to send shivers down your spine! The Druids’ Circle – A London financier seeks peace and quiet in the English countryside.  However his isolated country house is overlooked by a stand of yew trees, which soon begin to exert a bizarre and evil power over him… Death and Life – In a quaint village pub, a sinister stranger engages in a contest for the lives and souls of unsuspecting travelers… The Curse of Glenhorpe – An old titled family is haunted by a curse placed upon them by a vengeful Norman knight…  Tell Me What You See – A young woman stumbles across psychic messages, which reveal a possible murder…

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And lastly, here is a magnificent – and suitably spooky – moon I saw from my window the other evening.

19. Halloween Story – The nineteenth floor

“The lift never stops on the nineteenth floor,” the two guys from IT were talking beside me.

“Sure,” grinned the bigger guy, “ that’s because of the ghost.”

They didn’t see me shiver.

They stepped out and the lift lurched upwards. The truth was I always felt colder as I passed the nineteenth floor. I’d never seen anyone go there.

“Nineteen used to be a law firm,” my boss said when I asked her, “A tough place I heard. I don’t think there’s anyone there at the moment.”

I didn’t ask her about the ghost.

I’d almost forgotten about it, until I was working late one Halloween night. It was just after midnight when I got in the lift to go home.

The lift shuddered and creaked as usual. Then it stopped. The sickly red light showed we were on level nineteen.

The doors opened slowly.

I saw my reflection on a glass wall. Beyond the wall were some empty workstations and partitions. Most of the floor looked abandoned.

Then among the shadows, I saw a figure.

She walked toward me and stepped inside the lift. She pressed the button and the doors closed.

“Working late?” I asked.

“Those partners work you to death,” she muttered under her breath. She was young – barely more than a kid. She must have been a law student or a graduate.

I nodded in sympathy.

We reached the lobby.

“It looks so nice outside,” she was staring at the treetops in the park, “I never go home this early.”

Those partners must have been really tough, if she thought midnight was early.

“I’ve been inside so long,” she added sadly.

“You should make sure you go home now.”

“Really?” her eyes widened.

“Sure,” I pressed the after-hours button to release the door. The doors slid open and a gentle breeze blew through the lobby, “You deserve it. Have a nice night.”

“Thank you,” she said solemnly.

She skipped outside, turned to me once and smiled, then disappeared into the evening crowds.

I never felt the chill on the nineteenth floor again.

*  *  *  *  *


© 2014 M. C. Dulac

An exercise in micro-fiction – stories which run from zero to fifty

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If you’d like to read more ghost tales this Halloween, the “Four Ghost Stories” ebook is available on Amazon for just 99 cents. Now that is scary!

Scary heads and a cat who became a gargoyle


Continuing this week’s collection of unusual and spooky-ish drawings, here are some heads from an evening class I took last year.

The art room was full of marble heads, statues and the odd skeleton. I thought it best to start from the beginning (or the end I guess) so first up was a skull:


He was going to finish that novel – one day…


Next up was the “Planes of the Head” cast, developed to show where shadows fall on the face.  The two on the left are “Planes of the Head”. The strung out looking guy on the right is an example of the muscles in the face.


Scary heads

“Planes of the Head” and a strung out looking guy


Lastly, here is a cat from a few weeks ago. I don’t know what happened. I’ve drawn a cat okay before. Somehow, I misjudged the length of its nose or I just discovered this cat’s true nature, because unfortunately it ended up looking a bit like a gargoyle.

Happy Halloween!


Cat who turned into a gargoyle

Cat who turned into a gargoyle