Midnight in Dublin and other ebooks

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The Alchemist of Rome


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The full length novel on Amazon


Short Reads

A Tale of Fate and Destiny             Wanderlust with a Twist           Supernatural Jazz Age Mystery

WatercolourefectMidnightinDublinKindle     TheWaryTraveler2     THEHOUSEOFLOSTSHADOWS-4.Kindle

Romance and Mystery                Chilling Stories set in England           Magical Realism



8 thoughts on “Midnight in Dublin and other ebooks

  1. The Wary Traveller was very, very excellent. The pacing was perfect, it just dripped with tension and chilling folklore and a wonderful spirit of wanderlust. When I got to Jim’s ending on the mountain I threw down the Kindle and went “Yes!” because it was exactly what it should have been, and that was fantastic.
    It was perfect.

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